Enraged Muslim Psychopath Thinks She Can Attack Sean Spicer, Gets Hit With Life-Ruining Smackdown

It’s safe to say that the liberals have been on the war path ever since the moment they realized that their precious Hillary wasn’t going to win the highest office in the land. From that day forward, every angry, snarling, left wing puppet with an ax to grind has found it socially acceptable to lash out in any way they see an opportunity.

President Trump hasn’t been the only one under attack. Every person connected with President Trump, his administration or his former campaign has been fair game to the enraged liberal hordes.

This was the case when Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, was accosted while shopping at an Apple store.  The angry woman followed Spicer around, spitting insults at him, as well as the President, without even giving him a chance to respond. He took it as well as can be expected, considering he was being tormented while doing his personal shopping.

The woman with the screen name of “Shree” immediately posted the video on twitter and was of course proclaimed a “hero” by the lefties for asking ridiculous questions like “How does it feel working for a fascist?” and “Are you a criminal as well?”

Somewhere along the way, American’s decided it would be ok to start “resisting” the government by causing riots for petty, or even undefined reasons. I understand that it’s our birthright as US citizens to protest for anything (and apparently everything) we could ever dream of. However, surely there has to be a line drawn between peaceful protest, and outright harassment. Yet, people like Shree are hailed as hero’s, and peaceful citizens like Spicer are accosted at the mall because they dare to serve the President. Those that want a revolution might need to consider who in this country has more guns and military training. You keep shoving your phones in people’s face, we will keep supporting the Commander in Chief and our gun rights.

(Source: GOP The Daily Dose)

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