ENTITLED BMW Owner Gets Taught BRUTAL Lesson By Jeep Owner – Whose Side Are You On?

ENTITLED BMW Owner Gets Taught BRUTAL Lesson By Jeep Owner - Whose Side Are You On?

Anyone who drives a car has probably encountered the annoyance of entering a packed parking lot and seeing someone who deliberately took up two parking spots. This is what one Jeep owner recently rolled up on when the only thing coming him being able to complete his errand was an entitled BMW driver who was straddling the line at a clever angle. That’s when ‘Big boy” rules set in and the Jeep owner took the situation as an opportunity to teach the BMW brat a brutal lesson.

Chances are the person who drives the sports car automatically assumed that everyone on the road and in the parking lot just automatically respected him for his ride. The Jeep owner didn’t play by that rule since respect is earned and reciprocated — not just handed to you with the keys for your new car from dad.

In a video that surfaced on social media, the Jeep owner is seen making room to park where the BMW owner had overstepped their bounds. While we can definitely commiserate in the frustration of seeing a double-parked car, we’re struggling with the balance maintaining morals and the desire for revenge. In this case, the BMW suffered a pretty big blow to the side of the ride that’s going to cost some cash and time to fix.

We’d like to know what you think. Did this Jeep go too far or did he teach a lesson that needed to be learned after seeing one too many double-parked cars inconveniencing everyone else on the road? Let us know in the comments.

h/t: [Rajnikant vs CID Jokes]

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