Entitled Illegal Goes On Live Press Conference To Trash Trump, Not Laughing Seconds After She Sees Who Trump Sent

A very entitled, transgender looking, illegal immigrant was dumb enough to speak at a live press conference that called out President Donald Trump about his immigration policies and for him to protect immigrants like her. You mean, illegal immigrants like her?

And here comes ICE officers knocking at her door, swooping her up in the deportation mobile, and back to Argentina she goes without a trial. Seems like she’s overstayed her visa and her visit. She should’ve had that taken care of on time. Rules are rules and we’re all supposed to follow them.

Adios, Amiga!

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — The attorney for a young woman who was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement after speaking at a news conference about immigration says she’s been told the woman will be deported without a hearing.

Abigail Peterson, an attorney for 22-year-old Daniela Vargas, tells news outlets that authorities informed her Thursday that Vargas’ case will be handled as a “visa waiver overstay,” which means she won’t be given a hearing and will be flown back to her native Argentina.

ICE agents detained Vargas on Wednesday after she spoke at a news conference in Jackson, Mississippi, and called on President Donald Trump to protect immigrants like her.


I think President Trump’s best interest is protecting citizens like me. Americans come before immigrants. Sure, our ancestors were all immigrants, but that was THEN. This is NOW.

Now we’re here and we play the cards we’re dealt in this game called life.

Our President should be putting Americans first.

If anyone else wants to come to America, then come on over. We want you here. Just make sure you get your papers checked on the way in. This is our club and you have to play by our rules.

I can’t walk into any other country without showing papers to get on/off an airplane. Same rules apply to everyone.

Play by the rules and everyone is OK.

That’s ALL Americans are asking for.

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