Entitled Immigrants Protesting Trump Just Got NASTY Surprise When They Showed Up To Work Today!

It’s always hilarious when the plans of morons backfires in their faces. Yesterday across the country, immigrants attempted “to teach Donald Trump a lesson” by not showing up to work, in “A Day Without Immigrants” protest. It was meant to show Americans “how much immigrants contribute to the country’s economy” following his tough stances on immigration. But unfortunately for some idiots who decided to not go to work yesterday, they were met with a nasty surprise when they showed back up to their place of employment today.

While it was reported that some business owners went along with the anti-Trump protest, others weren’t quite as thrilled with their employees deciding not show up to work in order to prove a point.  Here’s he stunned expressions on employees’ faces as they read the note that one company had plastered on the front door:

Hilarious! What’s even more hilarious however is how these people just don’t get what President Trump’s immigration policies are all about. His immigrant policies are not a personal or bigoted vendetta against immigrants like the liberal media would love for everyone to believe, as simply wants people to come here LEGALLY. I’m really not sure why liberals cannot seem to grasp the concept of “legal immigration.” But then again this is liberals we’re talking about, who are completely ruled by their feelings; facts be damned!

TRIGGER WARNING: Prissy Holly is a conservative journalist, professional shi*t starter and disgruntled military vet who is very outspoken and doesn’t give a flying crap about your feelings when exposing the truth. If you want your daily dose of news delivered in the most politically incorrect way as possible, make sure you follow Prissy!

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