Entitled Muslim Make Demands About Work Dress Code, Then Employer Teaches Her a Lesson!

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Via BareNakedIslam: A Muslim woman is suing a staffing agency and Michigan employer AMWAY over claims her religious head covering led to a demotion, then termination, from a plant on the state’s west side.


Detroit News According to the federal lawsuit filed this week by designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relation) Michigan and Ohio offices, Aaminah Ussabur said she faced complaints about her hijab, or headbag, immediately after starting work in August as a pressure packager at an Amway manufacturing/shipping facility in Ada.

On her second day, a supervisor told Ussabur people were “complaining about your headscarf.” She also asserts in the suit that he told her the handbook didn’t allow the head covering and it sparked safety concerns.

Ussabur told the supervisor she would not remove her hijab since it was “a part of her religious obligation,” according to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids. She also said to him “that if there were safety issues, she was willing to tuck in her hijab underneath her shirt.”


On her next scheduled work day, she was told “the department was being switched” and now Ussabur would be moved to another department for a “reduced 10 hours a week,” the court filing stated.

When Ussabur said she couldn’t support herself on that, company representatives offered to find her another full-time position, according to the lawsuit. But they didn’t follow up, “effectively discharging her,” CAIR officials said.

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