Entitled Muslim Tricks Ivy League School Into Automatic Acceptance By Writing This On His Application 100 Times!

There was a time where when someone was accepted into an Ivy Leauge college people would be impressed. The amount of studying and sacrifices these students have made in the past is astounding. However, that was then and this is now.

Stanford University has been known as one of America’s most prestigious schools. Many students around the globe attempt to gain admission but few are granted admission. Well, one Muslim student was granted admission into the esteemed school, but I am not sure it was based on merit.

Ziad Ahmed, a senior in high school, was asked “What do you care about and why?” on his application to Stanford. Instead of giving a thought-provoking answer to the question Ahmed wrote #BlackLivesMatter” 100 times, and was admitted.

Ahmed posted the images of his essay and his acceptance letter on Twitter. In the letter, a Stanford representative said that everyone was “inspired” by Ahmed’s “passion, determination, accomplishments, and heart.” The representative then goes on to extend an invitation, Ahmed, to join a “diverse, joyful, and welcoming campus community.”

But, Ahmed is not a stranger to this sort of liberal ideology. At 18, this Ahmed is making rapid strides in the liberal word of activism. On Ahmed’s Twitter account, he has a picture of himself with Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton.

After looking further into Ahmed’s bio on his account you can see he many liberal “achievements”. MTV named this little Social Justice Warrior one of the “Top 9 Teens Changing The World” in 2015. Also, he is the founder of a touchy-feely group called Redefy. In its description, it states it wants to “boldly defy stereotypes, embrace acceptance and tolerance, redefine our perspectives positively, and create an active community.”

Ahmed and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Well, that sounds absurd to me.

Sadly, I am not even surprised by this anymore, to be honest. Ivy League schools have become a bastion to liberal crybabies who are more interested in social justice than studies.

That is why I personally do not want my daughter to go off to college, and be indoctrinated by these liberal asshats. I am sure I am not the only one here either, right?

Sound off below and let us know what you think about Ahmed’s ridiculous answer.

H/T [ Breitbart ]

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