BREAKING: Entitled Refugees Make MASSIVE Demand & Refuse To Back Down — BIG Mistake!

What do you think, should nations be forced to take in refugees?

Many that lean more toward the liberal side will say yes, then argue that it is the duty of the world to help their fellow humans.

Right-wingers tend to say no because it puts unreasonable burdens on countries and can be a MAJOR security risk.

The one thing most do agree on is that countries should help each other in certain circumstances. But, does welcoming thousands or millions of refugees into countries to “protect” them, become part of that “special circumstance” situation?

Placing Americans lives at risk because those from other countries are not fairing well honestly shouldn’t even be a question. Do we feel bad for them? Yes. Do we want to put our own families at risk for these strangers? Absolutely not.

Life isn’t fair, and while we feel some refugees, that’s as far as our mercy should go. Why should all of us suffer because a few in impoverished countries want to escape, they are putting the world at risk, and bleeding heart liberals are letting them infest our country, bringing terrorists along with them.

The recent horrors committed by migrants in many of the countries that helped them has forced us to take another look at these types of questions.

Innocent Americans have been victims of refugee crimes, not to mention victims of a President who doesn’t really care. The situation in Germany is pretty much identical.


The Islamic State group (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attack outside Berlin’s Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in which a truck plowed into a crowd of shoppers, killing 12 people and injuring 56 others. The driver was a refugee and the extent of his network in Germany is still unknown.

The other acts by refugees are equally horrific. A German newspaper reported: “Some 743 Christians and 10 Yazidis were the victims of religiously motivated attacks between February and September 2016, with some of the victims aged five to 12 years old. 91% of Christians and Yazidis surveyed accused Muslim migrants of carrying out the violent attacks.”

These are the types of animals who are being admitted into Germany, America, and other countries on a daily basis. Vetting processes to try to screen out terrorists and criminals are clearly not working. Other refugees and innocent citizens are being terrorized, hurt, and killed regularly and nobody seems to be stepping forward with solutions.

Hopefully, the problems in America will begin to resolve, with refugees at least, when Donald Trump takes office.

Other countries aren’t so lucky, they have no Donald Trump. In fact, their own leader pretty much said:

Don’t worry terrorists, Germany will “stick to our principles” and “give shelter to those who deserve it”.

And how might you wonder have the refugees thanked Germany and its leader for the blind kindness? Ah yes, they are suing.


According to German media the number of refugees taking action against Merkel’s government could reach tens of thousands, as they dispute being given partial asylum status. This status is known as subsidiary protection. [It] includes a two-year ban on families coming to join current refugees in Germany.

The rationale behind this protection is that terrorists cannot pose as family members once women and children are settled in Germany. Common sense dictates that terrorists will use innocent, or not so innocent, refugees to get into the country with little or no vetting if they appear as family members.

Terrorists don’t appear to appreciate common sense and neither do the ungrateful refugees.

Chairman of the Federal Government Administrative Court said: “We are expecting a doubling of asylum procedures throughout the country. Perhaps even triple.”

Not to surprisingly, they are winning. A whopping 90% of refugees who challenged the subsidiary protection status won their case and were granted full rights. In Berlin, still reeling from the Christmas attack, the number could quadruple from 2,300 to more than 9,000 court cases.

While we can’t deny that many refugees are grateful and simply happy to be rescued from their war-torn countries, WAY more appear to be greedy beyond belief.

It’s so sad that innocents German citizens are paying the ultimate price for political incompetence.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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