EPIC FAIL: Armed Men Attempt To Rob McDonald’s Full Of Special Forces (Video)

Who ever said guns don’t reduce crime?

A pair of robbers stormed into a McDonalds in France armed with shotguns – something that should be impossible if gun control worked.

Luckily, there were quite a handful of good guns with guns there as well.

The Tribunist reports:

A pair of armed robbers thought they had it all worked out when they stormed into a McDonald’s. They were wearing masks, armed with shotguns, and had their plan all laid out.

But one thing they didn’t have a plan for was an entire special operations team that happened to be eating lunch inside the restaurant, dressed in civilian clothing.

Some 40 plus customers chomping away on their burgers Sunday evening in the fast food restaurant when the two robbers stormed in, fired a shotgun blast into the air, threatening the guests and ordering staff to open the cash registers, which contained just under $2,300 in cash.

The robbers went about committing their crime completely unaware that 11 members of the French special forces, Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale, or GIGN – the anti-terrorism equivalent of the British SAS – who were none too amused at having their meal of Big Macs and french fries disturbed by two bumbling criminals.

The battle hardened warriors pounced when the first of the robbers stumbled on his way out the front door, taking him into custody without any gun play, but did suffer some injuries during the aggressive arrest.

The second robber wasn’t as smart and turned his gun towards the GIGN operators after being told to drop the weapon. He was shot multiple times in the stomach.

Both suspects were transported to the hospital for treatment and now sit in jail awaiting trial on armed robbery charges.

Video of French special forces operation following the Bataclan theater bombing:

French special forces, GIGN, during training:

If guns are good enough for French police while they’re on duty, it remains a mystery why they’re not aloud to carry guns off duty. There were a handful of off duty police officers at the Bataclan Theater where the November ISIS attacks occurred.

If only the police were armed, I think the situation would’ve ended up much more like this one.

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