EPIC: Miss Puerto Rico Destroys Fat ass Michael Moore’s “We are all Muslim” sign


From Mad World:

In response to presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s proposal to place a moratorium on Muslim immigrants, liberal “filmmaker” Michael Moore stood outside one of The Donald’s buildings, holding a sign that stated, “We are all Muslim.” The stunt received much criticism, but perhaps nobody had a better reply than Miss America contestant, Destiny Vélez, who was crowned Miss Puerto Rico this year.

Oddly enough, as Moore espouses pro-Islamic propaganda, he actually self-identifies as an atheist, which means he doesn’t even have a dog in this fight, really. So, for him to hold such a sign, being a non-believer and all, is purely an exercise in hypocrisy, and Miss Puerto Rico called him out on it in epic fashion.

Here’s the overweight, quasi-documentarian’s tweet, showing himself standing outside Trump Tower in New York City with his little sign:


The Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh) is known for the destruction of historical artifacts that don’t align with their twisted ideology, which actually sounds quite familiar. Think about how the progressive left has been removing historical items from the public square across America – because they don’t align with their twisted ideology. Interesting, right?

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