EPIC Musical Takedown of Trump-Hating Millennials Goes Viral, Over 700,000 Watching

What a night November 8th was.

President-elect Donald Trump pulled off the biggest electoral upset in decades, causing Hillary Clinton supporters around the country to cry.

The crying started even before Trump was declared the official winner, and it was mostly due to the fact that he was outperforming all expectations. And then Trump won 306 electoral votes, Republicans won a majority in the House and kept control of the Senate.

Liberals still aren’t over it. There have been protests nonstop since his victory, a failed recount campaign, and a failed attempt to sway electors to not cast their votes for Trump. In the end, Hillary lost more electoral votes from defectors than Trump did.

Millennials are still crying over the loss of their failed candidate, Hillary Clinton. Now, an awesome new video is putting them all to shame. Here’s the video, courtesy of Angry Patriot Movement

This video features a song entitled “Whining Hillary Fans Song” by Dana Kamide where Hillary Clinton supporters are mocked for crying and sobbing over poor Hillary.

The video shows many Clinton supporters sobbing when they found out that Hillary would not be the next president, and it mocks her for sending out John Podesta the night of her loss instead of facing the crowd herself.

Millennial liberals are just completely detached from reality. First, we saw them rioting in the streets, as the video portrays, and then they were trying to blame the election on the Russians. This is typical millennial logic that everything else is someone else’s fault.

These are kids who live in their parents’ houses and go to liberal colleges that fill their brains with garbage. They watch liberal talk shows with Stephen Colbert while they contemplate how they can engage in a war of social justice via Facebook comments.

Conservatives need to stay vigilant as these emotionally unstable millennials overreact to Trump’s presidency. Who knows what they will do when he starts trying to pass laws? If they are this unstable before he has taken the oath of office, imagine what they will do when he is president.

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