EPIC T-Shirt Explains What Cop-Haters Should Do Next Time They Need Help


Everyone is against the cops until they need one.

Groups like Black Lives Matter claim to not be anti-police, just anti-police brutality, but many of their representatives betray that claim. Appearing on Sean Hannity’s show, one Chicago based BLM activist advocated for abolishing the police, replacing it with “community solutions.”

You know what a community solution to violence is? Society came up with one hundreds of years ago – they called it “police.”

For those opposed to police, here’s a t-shirt explaining what you need to do next time you run into a problem.

Via The Federalist Papers


Just a side note to Black Lives Matter – if you’re going to claim to not be anti-police – don’t make anti-police posts on your movement’s official Facebook page. Here’s just one recent post.

The most-liked comments couldn’t have been any more of a reality check.

Fewer police make you safer??? Tell that to the 50 who died in that club…. And did you go running in there to stop him? No….. It was a lot of COPS!!!! With GUNS!!!!” read one. ” Yes the BLM movement will make us safer, look at the black neighborhoods in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, all as safe as a mother’s arms. The worst place for any degree of safety is in a black neighborhood, but let’s blame the cops” read another.

But according to these geniuses we’re not supposed to believe that police make us any safer. Of course, every single shred of evidence on the matter indicates that they do – and as blacks are disproportionately the victims of violent crimes, they benefit the most from it.

Could Black Lives Matter make it any more clear that they don’t care about black lives? Part of me thinks they celebrate when a black person loses their life – because it gives them something to protest about.

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