EPIC! The School Said “Take The Flags Off Your Truck”, His Response Set Em’ Straight (VIDEO)

via QPolitical: When this 18-year-old senior at York Comprehensive High School was told he wasn’t allowed to show his American pride, his response was EPIC! I can’t believe what the school tried to enforce, but this is amazing!

Peyton Robinson was informed by his school’s administrator that he wasn’t allowed to fly his American Flag and POW-MIA flag from his truck. Robinson reported that the school told him:

“We’re having some issues. Some people were complaining about the flags in your truck, and the flags could possibly be offensive. We need you to take them down before your return to school on Thursday.”

Peyton Robinson and Flag

But they didn’t even give Robinson the option of taking his flags down. He told WBTV that at some point Wednesday, a school official unscrewed the bolts securing the flags to his truck and laid them in the bed “when I wasn’t even there.”

Superintendent Vernon Prosser told WSOC-TV the fear was that the flags could block the view of other drivers and cause a wreck. By the end of the school day, officials announced that flags such as Robinson’s were safety concerns.

Peyton Robinson and Flag

Robinson was disappointed in his school for their irrational explanation. The young man has relatives who have faithfully served our country, so their actions hit close to home. The South Carolina high school Senior told WBTV:

“I was pretty mad, I don’t see how it’s a problem. Nobody has ever complained about it before. I’d understand if it was the Confederate flag or something that might offend somebody, I wouldn’t do that. But an American flag — that’s our country’s flag. I have every right to do it. I don’t see a safety issue. I mean, I understand it’s a big flag — it’s 4 by 6 — but nobody has ever complained about it being in their way or anything.”

Robinson decided to use his voice. So he took to Facebook that same day and let everyone in on what was happening. Fellow students also took offense to the school’s ridiculous actions against Robinson, so they took their own flags to school that same night. They vowed to fly flags Thursday morning with Robinson.

Robinson told WSOC that Wednesday night:

“I’ll keep fighting, I’m not letting it go; I won’t go down without a fight.”

When Thursday morning rolled around, there were over 70 vehicles with waving flags in the school parking lot. Somewhat of a parade began as folks stood on the roadside and cheered them on, and what appeared to be a group of proud, American veterans saluted them at the school’s entrance as they drove in.

Peyton Robinson and Flag

After a few hours of the peaceful, yet powerful demonstration, Principal Christopher Black had a big change of heart, he stated:

“Do to the outstanding display of patriotism through peaceful demonstration, it is apparent to us that many are not happy about this policy. School officials have reviewed the standing policy regarding flags and have decided that an exception will be made for the American flag, as long as the size of the flag(s) does not create a driving hazard.”

Robinson’s dad said he’s proud of his son and said that he encouraged him to keep flying the flag whatever the rules might say, even if it meant leaving school.

Now this is the kind of peaceful, but powerful patriotism that we like to see. This story is so moving we just LOVE IT.

Watch the full news report below:

It should be noted as well that The state Highway Patrol said that the York students’ flags are perfectly legal.

Peyton Robinson, we applaud you. It’s so refreshing to see such a sweet-spirited and patriotic young man like yourself. Thank you for standing up for Old Glory. We just love what you’re doing to display your American pride!

We’re so thankful for parents who work hard to raise their children right. Please share if you agree with Peyton Robinson’s perspective. Our country could use some more proud, patriotic young men like him. God Bless America!

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