Regardless of your personal opinion about the grand jury decision in the Eric Garner case, the one thing everyone can agree on is the necessity for cooler heads to prevail during protests. The last thing the country needs is more division, unrest, and race baiting.

This is a point that Eric Garner’s stepfather seems to clearly understand, as he was caught on video several times after the decision was announced calming down protesters in an attempt to keep the peace and prevent another Ferguson-style wave of rioting and looting from breaking out.

From Opposing Views:

Benjamin Carr, Eric Garner’s stepfather, was very displeased with the decision by a grand jury not to indict the officer involved in his stepson’s death, but he knew that he had to show people the right way to respond.

When a protester drove by, rolled down his window and began screaming in a fit of rage regarding what had transpired, Carr calmed him down.

Earlier in the day, right after the grand jury decision came down, Carr acknowledged that his family was hurt by the announcement, but also said that he didn’t want to see any of the violent riots that have occurred recently.

Let’s compare Carr’s amazingly mature response to that of Michael Brown’s stepfather–his mother’s boyfriend or whoever he is–and how he responded to the grand jury decision to clear Officer Darren Wilson.

Rather than attempt to calm people down and discourage rioting and looting, the man says, “burn this b*tch down,” and actually incites acts of violence that nearly burn a whole city to the ground.

Carr is a good example of the type of behavior protesters need to put on full display, as this helps draw the right kind of attention to the cause and concerns they share.

Obviously race baiters are going to do their best to find a way to further divide America along racial lines, rather than focus on the facts.

This is a lesson CNN host Don Lemon learned the hard way after saying something profoundly intelligent about the Garner decision–not something typically associated with his network, but hey, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in awhile.

From DownTrend:

Yesterday while speaking on “The Situation Room,” Don Lemon urged the audience to try to view the Eric Garner case without thinking about race, reports Twitchy:

Here’s what I want people to do, and I know it’s hard to do: Take the issue of race out of this and put Eric Garner of any ethnic persuasion on that ground. This is a case of excessive force.

Lemon makes an excellent point here. While we haven’t seen every shred of evidence in this case, this doesn’t appear to necessarily be racially motivated. Many stories over the last few years have been reported concerning excessive force by the police, and the victims have been from a wide variety of races.

If this was excessive force–again we haven’t seen all of the evidence to know for sure–then it’s a totally different problem than what went down in Ferguson. This is an issue that ALL Americans should be concerned about. While there are certainly more good police than bad, all police need to obey the law and not violate the rights of others.

Let’s hope that common sense prevails and the facts are released so we can make a solid conclusion about whether justice was truly done here or not. Until then, let’s all take a cue from Carr and keep calm.

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