Slimeball Eric Holder Crawls Out Of The Woodwork, Announced Plan To Overthrow Republicans

These past few months must have been a nightmare for Democrats (because I feel like I’ve been living in a dream). Republicans have taken not just the Presidency, but now also control the Congress, majority of State legislatures, and Governorships.


Liberals aren’t going to be able to get anything done for the next eight years, and Republicans are finally going to be able to repeal the Obama legacy.

Rather than do any self-reflection as to why they lost, Democrats have continued to point the finger at everyone besides themselves. They seem to think it’s more likely that a nation which election its first black president by historic margins became racist all of a sudden. The only person who has a plan to try to win back the government for Democrats is Eric Holder, whose launching a secret strategy to put Dems back in power.

As Dennis Michael Lynch reported:

Former Attorney General Eric Holder announced Thursday that he will lead the fight against gerrymandering through the formation of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee.

Holder made the announcement in a speech at the Center for American Progress in Washington, where he said the goal of the committee will be to “to win back governance.”

“We heard a lot in this past election about rigged systems, but I want to say the biggest rigged system in America is gerrymandering, a system where the lines are drawn not to represent American communities, but benefit politicians, a system where politicians pick their voters,” Holder said.

“This redistricting process will be critical to the future of our democracy,” Holder said in the statement. “Those who control state governments draw the lines that shape Congress for the next decade. Fixing this redistricting problem will involve not just focusing on the lines, but focusing on the larger effort to win back governance. This is the path to ensuring Democrats have their rightful seats at the table in 2021.”

How much do you bet this is a Trojan horse so Holder can do some gerrymandering of his own? If someone is going to be put in charge of fixing gerrymandering in this country, are we really supposed to trust the guy who thought that giving Mexican drug cartels guns was a good idea?

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