Eric Trump’s Pregnant Wife Just Proved Herself A Badass By What She Manhandled On NYC Street

Eric Trump's Pregnant Wife Proved Herself A Badass By What She Just Manhandled On NYC Street

President Trump’s son and daughter-in-law came under attack after announcing that they were expecting their first child. While this should have been a celebrated moment, liberals found a way to target yet another member of the First Family for a depraved reason. True to Trump form, the couple didn’t just confront the heat head-on, Eric Trump’s pregnant wife just proved how strong she really is with what she was seen manhandling on her own while Secret Service stood nearby.

Eric and his wife Lara stay mostly out of the limelight as they have lived their lives in peace until a momentous announcement landed them on leftists’ radar. They took the sickening verbal assault against their unborn with the class the world has come to expect out the Trump’s, and the lack thereof from liberals. However, there is much more to love about this incredible pair, as it’s proven once again that the Trump men really know how to pick their women.

Just because they’re wealthy and their father/father-in-law is the most powerful man in the country, doesn’t mean that they are entitled. Every member of the Trump family has Secret Service protection, as is the case for other presidential kin. Unlike other officials, they don’t take advantage of the security personnel, as is seen in liberal regimes, and use them to wait on their every need.

Eric Trump's Pregnant Wife Proved Herself A Badass By What She Just Manhandled On NYC Street
Lara Trump in NYC surrounded by Secret Service

Despite being in her second trimester, Lara hauls her own luggage just like anyone else besides Hillary Clinton would. She clearly wasn’t using her “condition” as an excuse to get extra privileges from the security detail that surrounded her for her own safety, as TMZ pointed out.

This is just another example of the family proving they aren’t your typical politician’s kids or entitled heirs to the Trump fortune. They each take matters into their own hands – big and small. While some may see this luggage detail as innocuous, Lara proved herself as a badass for not taking advantage of her security detail for things she feels she can do on her own. After all, they have a more important task at hand than being bellmen.

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