Escaped Thug Runs Into US Marine… Probably Wishes He Had Stayed in Jail [VIDEO]


An Idaho inmate is probably looking for a way to break back into the jail he escaped from Tuesday night after his confrontation with a private citizen who happened to be a former U.S. Marine.

Roy Bieluch, 48, managed to get through a ceiling crawlspace and into a utility closet in the Shoshone County Jail, where he was being held on theft and burglary charges.

Surveillance video at the jail captured him rushing out of the closet and startling a cleaning woman before leaving the building.

That’s when things started to go wrong for this would-be Steve McQueen.

He found a place to hide in a man’s yard on Thursday evening, but the homeowner — the Marine — spotted him. As Bieluch approached the man, the Marine shot him in the leg.

The unnamed Marine had been warned about the intruder’s presence by his barking dog. Upon spotting Bieluch, he warned him several times to stay where he was.

But Bieluch wasn’t in jail in the first place for being a criminal mastermind. He moved, and the Marine fired several handgun rounds at him. At least one of them hit him in the leg.

The thief, by now probably wishing he’d stayed up in that crawlspace, was taken to the Shoshone Medical Center in Kellogg in an ambulance … with a law enforcement escort, of course.

You can watch a brief report on the incident here, courtesy of Fox News:

There’s no word on whether Bieluch regretted his jailbreak or whether he will face additional charges for it, although both seem likely.

But the entire episode goes to prove that I chose my words poorly in the first sentence of this article.

There’s no such thing as a “former” U.S. Marine.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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