Seconds After ESPN Laid Off MASSIVE Amount Of Employee’s, SICK Celebration Proves REAL Reason For Layoffs

ESPN has become the EMBARRASSING SPORTS POSSIBLE NETWORK to me. On a day when they’ve laid off 100 employees thanks to falling stocks, sub-par ratings, and an overall terrible set of programming supportive of left-wing politics that people are tired of – they topped it all off by celebrating some haggard girl who killed a cop in the late 70’s.

If ESPN takes five minutes to wonder why they’re becoming the most hated sports network in history, then all they have to do is look at today’s stupid gaffe on ESPNW that promoted the cop killer who turned out to be the first woman on the FBI’s most wanted.

Does any fan of sports care about that? Nope. It’s about as relevant as the WNBA- no one cares. People really started hating ESPN when they handed Bruce Jenner, the transgender grandma/pa, a courage award as if the guy did anything to deserve it. Not to mention the award was given to him instead of someone suffering from cancer and still fighting more than Bruce Jenner ever did.

Let’s add Colin Kaepernick and the BLM movement to the mix and throw that into ESPN’s programming that reeks horribly of leftist politics. ESPN has lost us folks. I can’t stand that network thanks to their history of supporting the world’s most whiny and easily hate-able people.

Proving that it has not learned that its customers tire of left-wing politics forced into sports reporting, on the same day that sports cable network ESPN fired 100 on-air employees and reporters, ESPN Women devoted its webpages to extreme left-wing social justice, resistance, and feminism.

Indeed, ESPNW used a claimed “honoring” of National Poetry Month as an excuse to “reflect on resistance, redefining feminism and movement.”

No offense, but most people don’t care about women’s sports anyway. The fact that ESPNW had nothing better to play means they don’t even have enough content to keep their station going. Hand me some women’s beach volleyball and I’ll watch for about ten minutes. What other women’s sports are fun to watch? None. There is literally not a single women’s sport that I would enjoy watching instead of the men’s version where they do it all better. Sorry ladies, men are physically dominant, it’s nothing personal.

What followed were poems from five professors, writers, and activists filled with revolution, resistance, anti-capitalism, and race baiting.

The first piece, penned by Dr. DaMaris B. Hill, a professor of African American and Africana Studies at the University of Kentucky, is titled simply “Revolution.” It celebrates the violence and force of revolution, and is specifically dedicated to black power icon Asatta Shakur, who murdered a police officer in 1977. In 1979 Shakur escaped from prison and sought asylum in Cuba, where she remains to this day. Shakur was also the first woman named to the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist List, and there is currently a $1 million reward leading to her arrest.

Amusingly, Dr. Hill seems to admit that the liberals “revolution” has nothing to do with “facts” by writing, “Revolution ain’t got sh– to do with facts. It is all faith!”

That sounds about right, since liberals have no facts or truth on hand with their “revolution.” It’s all just a religion — or a replacement thereof — to them.

Cop-killer, Asatta Shakur, aka Joanne Deborah Chesimard
Cop killer Joanne Deborah Chesimard aka Asatta Shakur

Had I turned this on while it was being played, I may have kept it on because I might have thought it was comedy hour. Here we go with the poetry on the SPORTS station. As if women’s sports weren’t bad enough, now ESPNW is playing poetry to celebrate a cop-killer fugitive? Oh cry me a river and call me Charlie. I haven’t heard of worse programming since MTV stopped playing music and started playing shows about white trash girls having kids out of wedlock on Teen Mom.

Why is ESPNW playing any of this nonsense on their sports channel? Why can’t the cable network step in and say “look, ladies, no one is watching your sports as it is, and now you want to have a darn poetry slam on the sports station? HECK NO!”

Whenever ESPN understands that we don’t want politics mixed with our sports, that will be the day they make sports great again.

People weren’t watching ESPN to be indoctrinated on their BLM agenda, they wanted sports without the sideline antics of the network’s political agenda. Was Colin Kaepernick’s fate not enough of a lesson, or was it just too late? They picked their “team” and lost because they went with the losers. 100 employees at the network were led down the wrong path of divisiveness and discontent by station’s leaders who ultimately decided to terminate these employees today after stocks plummeted and they realized their huge mistake. There’s still a need for this network in media and hopefully, someone with some brains will pick it up and leave politics out of sports.  Should we place a bet that someone from BLM does NOT buy ESPN or indoctrinate some REAL WORKING BRAINS into their programming?

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