The Espy’s Open With Pro-black Lives Matter Message –‘The Racial Profiling Has To Stop’

Another round of the useless ESPY awards was on. Did anyone watch? Me either. I don’t watch the ESPY’s because I don’t watch ESPN on account of them being a useless leftist sports network. I can get sports information anywhere else on the Internet, so I don’t need anything that ESPN offers.

This year we witnessed four NBA stars give a message that everything has to stop. However, it leaned quite a bit to the left and favored Black Lives Matter. It was a bit pro-black rather than being pro-American and supporting the end to all violence from both sides.


INFO WARS – This year’s “ESPY Awards” on ABC opened with NBA stars Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James delivering a message regarding last week’s death of two African-Americans at the hands of law enforcement, and the Dallas attack on police officers that left five dead and several others injured.

I laugh when I see this because I know it’s all words and no actions. Lebron asked “what are we doing to create change?” I don’t know Lebron, why don’t you tell us. What exactly has Lebron done to create change in any community except show that he can’t stay loyal to any specific team like players used to be in the NBA.

I laugh because they mention a handful of criminals who were shot. Didn’t Michael Brown reach for a police officers gun and physically fight with the police after he robbed someone else?

Shoot to kill mentality? How about shoot to save your own life mentality?

I do like Dwyane Wade’s “enough is enough” comment. He’s spot on with that. It’s true and it goes both ways.

This was a nice gesture, but I’ll believe it when I see them in action supporting a poor community or doing something that actually promotes betterment of society, other than taking our money for overpriced basketball games and causing urban youth to prioritize Jordan’s over jobs.

If Lebron wants to create change, then why isn’t he helping his possible step father and ex NBA’er who is homeless, Delonte West.

Oh wait. I shouldn’t go there, should I?

Did Caitlyn Jenner ever give that Courage award back? Because hiding in the closet for all those years isn’t courage. That’s quite the opposite.

Chaz Bono had courage.

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