Nearly 5,000 people have died from Ebola in West Africa. A Liberian native, Thomas Eric Duncan, sparked fear and caused 2 nurses to contract Ebola after lying to get into the country knowing that he had been exposed to deadly disease.

So far, the response of the Obama regime has been refusal to institute a travel ban on flights from Ebola stricken countries, fighting attempts of mandatory quarantine of those returning from such places, except in the case of the military who Obama is requiring to go into quarantine, and putting the lives of our military at risk by sending them to fight the disease.

But, not to worry, the Obama regime has taken to Twitter once again, in an attempt to top their embarrassing hashtag diplomacy campaigns, to ease people’s fear about the deadly Ebola virus.

Yeah, that’ll do it. But, what more should you expect from an administration that seems to be more about style than substance and wanting to appear ‘hip and cool’ than be effective at truly protecting America?


Samantha Powers, the United States Ambassador to the U.N., was previously called out on Twitter for her hashtag diplomacy regarding ISIS. Let’s also not forget the numerous instances of hashtag diplomacy by the State Department, with one example being calling on Russia to live by the promise of a hashtag. Or how about the #BringBackOurGirls that was promoted by Michelle Obama and others.Capture

What an embarrassment.

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