Every Protesting NFL Player Just Got Smacked With Reality Today After What Suddenly Showed Up

Many Americans alive today have very little appreciation for the country that they call home, completely oblivious to the generations of soldiers who fought, bled, and died to preserve their individual freedoms. These anti-American sentiments are screamed the loudest by “oppressed” millionaire NFL players who refuse to stand for our National Anthem, who ironically continue to protest the very same symbol that gives them the right protest in the first place.

As the distraught mourning family laid to rest one of our fallen soldiers over the weekend after Special Forces Staff Sgt. Aaron Butler was fatally wounded during a combat mission in Afghanistan, one single heart-wrenching image is putting every single NFL protester to shame who had the audacity to protest our country’s flag over the past several weeks.

Staff Sgt. Aaron Butler

Shannon Young never thought that she’d be burying her kid brother. Through tears at her brother Aaron’s funeral over the weekend, she spoke fondly of her 27-year-old sibling who was a championship athlete and avid outdoorsman, who was able to accomplish his life-long dream of becoming an elite American soldier. “If Aaron Butler were to give his own eulogy, it would have been simple: “I came. I lived. I killed bad guys. I died,” Young stated. “Bravery was a quality rooted deep inside him. He showed us how to live.”

Shannon Young was just one mourner in a crowd of 1,000 people who showed up to honor the selfless sacrifice Sgt. Aaron Butler made that fateful day in Afghanistan, after his team of elite Special Forces teammates were clearing a a building in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, searching for Islamic State loyalists. But Butler would never make it out of the booby-trapped building alive. Shortly after entering the compound, an explosion would go off, killing Butler and injuring his 11 teammates.

During the somber formal military funeral procession, Shannon Young worked to comfort Sgt. Aaron Butler’s grieving fiancée, Alexandria Seagrove, as the two women clung to each other as the body of the man they both loved was slowly lowered into the ground. The only comfort they had at that moment was clinging onto the American flags that had been meticulously folded into a perfect triangles by the Honor Guard troops who present to help provide support the funeral.

Shannon Young and Alexandria Seagrove grieve with the flags at Sgt. Aaron Butler’s funeral

“He actually proposed while he was in Afghanistan,” said his fiancé, Alexandria Seagrove. She said the pair had been making plans for the future, but she would never have the chance to see her fiancé in person ever again. FOX 13 reported:

Alexandria Seagroves, Butler’s fiancee, read a poem he wrote for her. For years his sole focus in life had been to join the Green Berets, he said. Then he met her — and his perspective on life suddenly shifted. Young said Seagroves had brought out her brother’s “soft and tender side,” which the family had never seen before.

“I feel like I’ve lost the love of my life,” Seagroves said, almost whispering as she choked up. “But Aaron will live through me. I know I’ll see him again.”

Tragically, this grieving family is becoming intimately familiar with the sacrifice that it takes to preserve the freedom that so many Americans take for-granted. The American flag that family members hold tightly to their chest after it drapes the coffins of our warriors who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice, is the very same symbol that liberals everywhere are so eager to rip, burn, and protest, as they have no clue what it even means to be a real American.

“The Army values are loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, personal courage,” the Butler family said in a prepared statement. “Aaron Butler personified those values in everything he said and did. In a life that was all too brief, our dear son and brother made the ultimate sacrifice for his country.”

Every time a NFL player takes a knee on the football team, it’s a slap in the face to every single American warrior who has fought and died to preserve their right to act like protesting idiots in the football stadium. If this heart-wrenching photo of these women clinging to their folded flags can’t change the narrative here in America about what that flag truly represents, then I don’t know what will.

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