EVIL: Hitler, Stalin And ISIS Quotes In Pennsylvania High School Yearbook

What has happened to America? Now we have our children quoting mass murderers in their yearbooks? This is the result of allowing the left to take over our schools. It is not just the schools..It’s also the parents fault for not getting involved to see what’s being taught in schools.

So many people on the conservative side wanna blame “millennials” for everything..(not that I’m letting young people off the hook)…but..I blame a lot of this on the older generation..They saw what was starting to happen …yet did nothing to stop it. We can’t just put all the blame on the “millennials”..

We can’t just sit back and allow this crap to go on and do nothing to stop it. The left has infiltrated everything. We have allowed them to indoctrinate our kids for years and years. It’s time we stop the indoctrination. Is it going to be easy? No. It is going to be a long battle of trying to fix everything. Schools should be the first thing we take back.

From Pamela Geller

It is a sad but predictable state of affairs when children are quoting Stalin and Hitler in their yearbooks. Where did they get those quotes? What and who gave them those ideas? The left’s Hitler and Stalin and Islamic State youth. It bodes most ill.

I have one words for freedom-loving people – homeschool.

“Hitler, Stalin And IS Quotes In School Yearbook”

The quotes were apparently supplied by students to the graduating class publication, which was distributed without full review.

By Sky News US Team, May 26, 2016:

A Pennsylvania school has apologised after quotes from Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and the Islamic State group’s leader were printed in its yearbook.

The quotes were apparently supplied by students to Leetsdale’s Quaker Valley High School graduating class publication, which was then distributed without thorough review. Read More

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