EVIL!! Police Officer Hospitalized After Shards Of Glass Found In Sandwich (VIDEO)

How did these idiots not think this would get them in trouble?

Half the time I hear someone complain about the police, a classic quote from Jim Carry in Liar Liar comes to mind; “then stop breaking the law, a**hole!” Just think about all the martyrs for groups like Black Lives Matter. How many of them were assaulting someone, or reaching for an officer’s gun (or their own) when they were killed by police? Most of them.

Here’s just the latest case of violence by police – and you can bet they’ll try to play the victim when they feel the consequences.

Leo Affairs reports:

A Columbus, OH police officer was rushed to the hospital after cutting his mouth on glass shards that were in his sandwich at a local restaurant Monday afternoon.

When the unnamed officer bit into the sandwich, he heard a crunching sound and it had a ‘grisly texture,’ according to ABC 6.  When the officer opened the sandwich he saw the shards of glass.

Authorities are not naming the name of the restaurant.

Detectives have not announced if they believe the glass was placed in the sandwich intentionally or it was some kind of accident.

The restaurant was closed to conduct interviews and Columbus Health officials will be at the restaurant Tuesday to investigate as well.

The officer remained in the hospital overnight.

…and now they’re getting shut down for investigation.

Was this all one big accident? Let’s hope so – the police have suffered enough the past couple of weeks.

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