EVIL: Woman Fakes Cancer to Get Tax-Payer Funded, Second Trimester Abortion

I’ve always made it abundantly clear how I abhor abortion. It’s murder. You can rehearse your pro-choice talking points all day long. Abortion is an act of murder which kills a baby. Every. Single. Time. One of the oft-cited talking points of pro-aborts is this one: what about the life of the mother! WHAT IF SHE’s ENDANGERED?
Behold, this woman. She faked cancer so she could abort her baby. Funded by the tax-payers. She’s a lovely person, this woman. Here’s the story from 2015…

The trial has begun…

Chalice Renee Zeitner is accused of forging medical documents in order to persuade her OB-GYN to terminate her second-trimester pregnancy, according to AZCentral.com. During opening statements, Zeitner’s attorney told jurors that his client honestly believed she was gravely ill at the time of the 2010 abortion.
“She genuinely thought she had cancer,” Adam Schwartz, her attorney, said.
Prosecutors in Arizona painted a different picture. They contend she forged documents so as to convince her doctor that her abortion was medically necessary and qualified for state Medicaid (which is called Arizona Care Cost Containment System). Zeitner claimed she had stage IV sarcoma, and was scheduled to go to Boston to have tumors removed in her abdomen and lower spine, according to the Attorney General’s Office. She claimed that if she didn’t have the abortion, her life would be in danger, according to prosecutors.

The doctor, of course never treated her for cancer. Because she didn’t have it. She faked it so she could get her abortion. Her second term abortion.

Via Louder with Crowder

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