Ex-CIA Official Drops BOMBSHELL About Pelosi & Democrat’s Torture Report


On Sunday, the head of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center spoke with Fox News’ Chris Wallace about the Senate report on enhanced interrogation techniques, and he dropped a bombshell that the Democrats are going to hate.

Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and many other hypocritical Democrats have come out against the techniques and harshly criticized those responsible, but they seem to be forgetting one detail – they were all involved with the decision-making process to determine what could and couldn’t be used. So when Jose Rodriguez spoke to host Chris Wallace, he made sure to remind the nation that the very people standing on an ivory tower today knew exactly what was happening as events unfolded, and he was the one who personally told them.

“You, in many cases, for all I know all the cases, were the man who was briefing members of Congress dozens of times, including Nancy Pelosi, when she was one of the top people on the House Intelligence Committee, and Dianne Feinstein,” Wallace said, according to BizPac Review. “How specific were you in what you told them about these enhanced interrogation techniques, and did they ever raise any concerns?”

Rodriquez told Wallace that he “very clearly” remembered the briefing with Pelosi, the moonbat California Representative, in 2002 and that he “briefed her specifically” about the various techniques being employed against the terror operatives.

“So she knew back in September of 2002 every one of our enhanced interrogation techniques,” he said.

Wallace, wanting to give Rodriguez the opportunity to be very clear, listed off several of the methods used to extract information and asked whether or not Pelosi was specifically told about them.

“I briefed her on all of the techniques,” Rodriguez said emphatically. ”She never objected to the techniques at all.” [emphasis mine]

According to Rodriquez, the CIA didn’t receive any objections to their tactics, and he said that Senator Jay Rockefeller urged them to broaden the techniques they used. He also made it clear that he feels that Senate Democrats turned their backs on the people tasked with protecting the nation and that the CIA was thrown “under the bus” by the report.

“I am just shocked that the United States of America would betray its liaison counterparts who actually stepped up to the plate to help us after 9/11,” he said.

Looks like Mama Botox and her merry band of followers just got caught in another huge lie. Unfortunately, this report won’t be picked up by any mainstream media outlets because they, like the idiot Democrats in office, seem to want to sympathize with the people who are intent on destroying America.

I think they all need to go take a trip to Iraq and try to make nice with the Islamic State militants. If they even make it back home, I’m sure they’d be singing an entirely different tune.

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Author’s Note: While I would never, ever condone to torture of innocent people or those unaffiliated with anybody who intends on doing us harm, I would like to think that our military has enough intelligence to be able to differentiate between an enemy combatant, a terrorist operative, and a person who had nothing to do with any of it. We’ve already watched some of the guys we had in GTMO return to their lives of terror after being released (Abu Bakr al Baghdadi anybody?), and those were the same people such tactics were used against to try to extract information.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, the people in custody weren’t just randomly grabbed off the street, just like we’re not randomly picked up and detained for ties to gangs we don’t belong to, and they likely had valuable information that we could use to save American lives. What would people suggest, making them a pot of tea and sitting down in front of a fire, then hoping they divulge vital information on accident? Let’s be real, these people don’t understand anything other than force and violence, and the only way to deal with them is through a language they understand.

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