FRAUD: Ex-Employee Trashes Trump on CNN… But She Didn’t Know We Had THIS Letter!

Former Trump Organization executive Barbara Res appeared on CNN and disparaged Donald Trump and accused him of serious wrongdoing. She appeared on the show earlier this past week to label Trump a blatant sexist.

Now that is original.

Also, she alleges she believes the allegations of sexual assault to be true despite earlier expressing a entirely different opinion about the Republican nominee.

However, back in a July of 2013 letter she wrote to Donald Trump she had nothing but nice things to say about him. It was also the same month that the personal memoir she wrote came out on shelves all across the nation. She told Trump,

I credit you with giving me a very big break, and treating me, in contrast to your reported demeanor, in a very non-sexist way.”

The U.K. Daily Mail reported that her memoir contained more praise about Trump. Specifically, a line in the book in which she references him as one of the least sexist bosses she had every had or worker for. Clearly her opinion has changed for a reason and not because their is merit to it.

Rhona Graff who is the former Senior Vice President at the Trump Organization is reportedly telling the media that Res is simply a scorned employee who left decades ago voluntarily to purse a career in law and then got mad when she came back to ask for her job back and was rejected.

The Trump camp is saying that Res is just a scorned woman who was not reemployed by them. Despite the fact that Trump wrote very nice letters of recommendation to law school and employed her as New York’s first woman to oversee the construction of a skyscraper.

Watch here,

Clearly her intentions and motivations are nefarious. Something is going on there. Which is likely why the mainstream liberal media is eating up her distortions and lies to begin with. Anything to fit their narrative and agenda.

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