Ex-Georgia Cop Declares War On Black Lives Matter! Liberals LOSE Their Minds (VIDEO)

A former police officer with a Black Lives Matter shirt on showing the middle finger and carrying a firearm went on a viral tirade about the social activist organization in light of what is going on in Milwaukee.

The video shows the former police office holding a large firearm and saying,

“Greetings patriots. And you enames of America who are watching this video. I want to address the recent unrest of Black Lives Matter. That’s right. Black Lives Matter. And what happend last night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

To begin with, based on everything I’ve seen the officer act properly. Stolen firearm, traffic stop, the guy running away with a firearm in his hand. If he didn’t want to be shot should’ve stopped. Dropped the firearm in fact should’ve stayed in his vehicle and kept his hands where you know police could see him.

In the air or on the steering wheel. Now the actions of the Black Lives Matter and the black community in Wisconsin has proven once again that Black Lives Matter is not just a hate group but a domestic terrorist organization. 

Finding an excuse to loot, stones homes, and endanger the public at large with the actions of a bunch of animals. That’s right the looters in Milwaukee are a bunch of animals. Now, don’t forget that Hillary Clinton and you Mr. Obama have embraced the domestic terrorist organization.

The leaders in Milwaukee that incite this I have a question for you leaders in Milwaukee. If your homes are to be burned sometime in the future what is going to be your reaction? Because that may happen. I predict, theirs a good possibility. That I think wouldn’t really have a problem with that. That the homes of the leaders of Black Lives Matter as I said before need to suffer the same fate of what we saw in Milwaukee.

Listen to the full video here.

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