Ex-teacher battling CAIR critics in Texas speaks out: I’m not afraid of savages


A Texas teacher who resigned in December after making negative comments that were perceived as an attack on all Muslims is striking back at Muslim-activist critics she says took her words out of context — or simply lied about what she said.

The story, which has been covered extensively by the Houston Chronicle, started when the teacher, Angela Box, made controversial comments on local access cable TV show “Tommy’s Garage.”

“Every normal human being in the world knows that goat-f——-g Muslims are the evil of the world,” she said on the show.

Box, a former third grade teacher at Daily Elementary spoke to me by phone to discuss the fallout from those controversial comments.

Angela BoxPhoto credit Facebook.

The first thing Box wanted to make clear to me was that her remarks were directed at Muslim terrorists and not all people of the Islamic faith.

“The one clarification I would’ve made is that I was speaking about radical Muslims.” she said. “No, not all Muslims are evil and I welcome the moderate Muslims to join the civilized world to speak out vehemently against the radical Muslims and beat back these barbarians to the 7th century where it seems like they want to be.”

Box said one of the reasons she resigned from her teaching position was that she felt threatened by what a local member of the New Black Panther Party and the New Black Muslim Movement who goes by the name Quanell X told NBC affiliate KPRC.

“If I was a parent I would not allow her to teach my child,” he said. “What she has said about Islam is very dangerous and she is not only putting her life at risk but the lives of those children.”

Box said the veiled threat proves her point.

“First, he says I insulted Islam by saying they have radical elements that are savages, then he says my comments are dangerous and endangering my life and the lives of my students,” she said. “You can’t have it both ways.”

Box has also filed a defamation lawsuit against Quanell X, New Black Panther Party and the New Black Muslim Movement stating that he attributed a quote to her calling President Obama the “n” word. That’s a comment she said she never made.

Quanell X Press ReleasePress release from the New Black Panther Nation and the New Black Muslims.

According to the Quannell X news release, Box called the president‘a “f******g (n word) and black people dumb ass for voting for him.”

“While I’m no fan of Obama I would never use that kind of language,” Box said “He completely made up the quote. Now he’s claiming that his publicist wrote it.”

Quanell X told ABC 13 that his publicist wrote the news release, not him.

Box’s resignation was also celebrated by the Council on American Islamic Relations Houston.

“We welcome Angela Box’s resignation and believe her departure from the classroom will help ensure a bias-free learning environment for students of all backgrounds and beliefs,” CAIR-Houston Communications Coordinator Ruth Nasrullah said in a statement posted to the cair Texas website.

“We are strong supporters of First Amendment rights, but students also have the right to learn in an atmosphere free of bigotry and stereotyping.”

Box is proud of the fact that cair dislikes her.

cair is a terrorist organization like Hamas and Hezbollah,” Box told me. “The fact that these people are against me is a badge of honor.”

Box said she is not afraid of speaking her mind and will continue to fight for justice.

Angela BoxPhoto credit Facebook.

“In a free society, one might be offended from time to time. That does not give someone the right to destroy another person’s life,” she said. “The left, groups like CAIR, and individuals like Quanell X seem to think that because they disagree with my characterizations about certain members of their groups that gives them the exclusive right to be my judge and jury. It does not.

“I will be victorious in court and my opinions are vindicated daily when I see the savagery perpetuated almost exclusively by Islamists around the world,” she added.

“I am not afraid of these people. If they thought I was going to back down they are sadly mistaken. They’ve kicked the wrong hornet’s nest because I’m not the one.”

Box has setup a legal defense fund at http://www.gofundme.com/StandWithAngelaBox and can be followed on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/TheBoxThatRoxx.

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