Ex-Teammate Wearing American Sniper T-Shirt Says To Kaepernick: “Have Some F****** Respect”

A former teammate of the ridiculous, Colin Kaepernick has seen what the 49ers QB did during the national anthem, and let us just say that it didn’t go over too well with him. In fact, he’s speaking out and sharing his opinion on the shameful act we all have witnessed…and he’s not holding back.

His name is Alex Boone, and boy does this man make a whole lot of sense. In fact, what he has to say is truly a fresh breathe of air.

After all the ‘stupid’ we’ve had to put up with when it comes to public figures, like Beyonce who took the Mothers of Black Lives Matter on the red carpet this last weekend to join her for the VMAs, or Matt Damon and his love affair with ‘Gun Control’, and now this Colin ‘has been’ guy…

It’s just a RELIEF to learn that not all hope is lost for the people that our children look up to. They aren’t all idiots. Especially not after what Alex Boone has just said.

Boone who played alongside Kaepernick for a few years told interviewers he wasn’t exactly ‘surprised’ when he heard and then saw what Kaepernick did. However, he was annoyed, and very much disappointed.

“It’s hard for me, because my brother was a Marine, and he lost a lot of friends over there. That flag obviously gives (Kaepernick) the right to do whatever he wants. I understand it. At the same time, you should have some (expletive) respect for people who served, especially people that lost their life to protect our freedom.

We’re out here playing a game, making millions of dollars. People are losing their life, and you don’t have the common courtesy to do that. That just drove me nuts.”

He even shared that if Kaepernick has pulled that kind of garbage when they were still playing together, they would have probably had beef with each other even then!

Here’s one guy who understands that there have been sacrifices made for us by heroes that go unseen, and that they deserve at the very least, our respect for what they did for us.

By the way, you should know that he was wearing an ‘American Sniper’ t-shirt during the interview.

Stand-up guy.

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