EXCLUSIVE: Arizona has become ‘dumping ground’ for illegal aliens; Undocumented Democrats

The illegal alien express, they drop off at Democrat HQ for voter registration

(TUCSON) The Obama Administration continues to ignore federal law and is creating a major humanitarian crisis along our southern border. As illegal aliens by the thousands scatter across the porous border they are mostly rounded up by our fine men at the US Customs and Border patrol agency’s. However, there is one problem, the White House has decided not to send these people back to where they came from and its creating an overflow of  illegal aliens who violated federal law. This administration is notorious for ignoring issues and allowing them to explode, take the VA scandal for instance, or even Iraq.

But as the Obama administration claims “we found out about this through the media” because the Obama administration has no clue what the Obama administration is doing, and that’s a fact. Here in Tucson, the overflow is being seen in public and its happening a lot. Hundreds of people who violated our laws are dropped off  and officially released at the Tucson Bus Station by the Department of Homeland Security. Its not just wrong to do since we still have citizens waiting in line to do it the proper way, its a security hazard for the people who have nothing and are dumped onto our streets. Or is there something that the Obama Admin isn’t telling us? are they signing these people up for welfare prior to being booted on the streets?

[quote_box_center]”The sheer volume of people being released is staggering. On a holiday weekend most of the buses are already booked,” said Laurie Melrood, a volunteer helping families at the station. “To release this many women and children without tickets or even information on how to purchase tickets is clearly a health and safety threat to an already vulnerable population.”[/quote_box_center]

A large group of illegals were waiting at the bus station to buy tickets all across the country, including Maryland, Alabama, and Florida. And this isnt an isolated incident, this has been happening nearly everyday across america  for the past eight months, the sheer volume is incredible. We have a full population of illegals who have nothing, and will only further strain our broken system.

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