Exclusive: Bill Ayers, Dinesh D’Souza debate American values

Watch the fascinating debate on American values between conservative filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza and radical Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers, moderated by Megyn Kelly!


Talk about a great American who was born in India, I’m highly impressed with Dinesh D’Souza who immigrated here and now calls America his home, and then we have Bill Ayers who was born and grew up in America and is taking a dump on his country with every time he opens his mouth. If the man hates America so much then why hasn’t he moved??

This full interview will be aired tonight July 4, 2014 on Fox News. It will give Americans a great insight on the man who kick started President Obama’s radical political career. People wont be able to say its a conspiracy theory anymore, Bill Ayers will be given an open forum to further prove to America that Obama has a radicalized that doesn’t represent anyone’s ideals except extremist terrorist such as Bill Ayers and his low life’s.

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SOURCEThe Kelly File