Ferguson activist preparing for a major battle with government and police forces following the Grand Jury decision and have cranked up a large propaganda campaign in St Louis during the past few days.

Flyers are being passed out and placed on windshields that are meant to strike rage in people and bait them over race and income equality status.

One of the flyers states ” First they came for black men and women- I don’t did not speak up because I’am not Black” it continues to repeat this for ‘brown’ skinned people and then ‘poor’ people.

The second flyer preps people on how to make homemade gas masks out of a 2 liter bottle using vinegar and a medical mask.

As tensions build up, both sides are ramping up their tactics to get a notch above the other, however, in this game no one wins expect the politicians who are propagating a race war and division among Americans to pursue a radical agenda.

Flyers that were handed out in St Louis Yesterday
Flyers that were handed out in St Louis Yesterday


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