EXCLUSIVE: NO JOKE- School teaches Students To Fight Gunmen with Canned Corn (PIC)



WF Burns Middle School in Alabama allegedly released this letter on Jan 9, 2015, the day after the attacks in Paris France.

Nothing screams scary like getting hit in the head with a can of spam or even re-fried beans. But I wonder if they have to be in accordance with Michelle Obama’s lunch program? Perhaps they can throw carrots?

They appear to be following a ridiculous method of training for students called “ALICE Training, Run-Hide-Fight” as outlined below from SchoolSecurity.org.

This has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read, and its sure to only get student killed if such a horrible thing did ever happen.

It’s time to make those calls and figure out what the heck is going on in Alabama!

Here’s a snipet about these fight back programs for students:

  1. Would throwing objects incite a suspect to fire his/her gun when he/she might not otherwise do so?  While proponents of such training can point to real and hypothetical scenarios where it may have some impact, we can also look at situations where it could have escalated a situation.For example, in the Fall of 2008 in a Cleveland, Ohio, suburb, a high school student walked into a classroom with a gun drawn and then went out into the hallway, fired a round in the ceiling and one into a trophy case.  The school’s principal and assistant principal calmed the student and  the student turned over the gun with no one injured.  If students automatically start hurling textbooks and ipods at the student when he first walked into the room with the gun drawn, many could have been shot.School shooting threats have included students such as the individual above who could have, but did not, harm anyone due to the intervention of adults.  We have also seen very targeted school shootings where the shooters were looking for specific persons and/or types of persons, and did not attack many others that could have been attacked.  Would we want everyone to start throwing items and attacking an armed person, with questionable probability of success, only to trigger more anger and shootings by these typically mentally unstable persons who may not have otherwise plan on shooting everyone?We also saw the extreme situation of dozens of terrorists who seized a school in 2004 in Beslan, Russia.  Would we want children to try to physically attack a couple dozen intruders armed with high powered weaponry, most likely to place themselves in a position of guaranteed to be shot on-sight?And while some incidents with armed students and other individuals have involved the shooting of adult school staff members, many others have not.  Advocates for training students to attack armed persons seem to overlook the role of the adults in the school.  Yet time and time again, adults have taken the leadership role to prevent harm and/or to save the lives of their children from potential attackers, including armed individuals.Not every situation is going to be clear cut in how it may unfold.  Responses to unfolding incidents by police and adults in schools will vary based upon the facts and nature of unfolding incidents.  Responsibility for taking the lead with these judgment calls should be the primary responsibility of well trained adult professionals, not emotional, frightened children.
  2. It is simply not realistic to recommend such confrontational training for young children due to their developmental levels and related factors. One proponent of this type of training acknowledged it should be recommended only for students in grades 7 to 12. At that point, the question becomes: “What about our younger children?”If current practices are considered so inadequate for the middle and high school grades that children must be taught to throw items at and directly attack armed gunmen, what is their plan to protect children in grades Pre-K to 6? Or are the young children simply written off as “sitting ducks?”
  3. What consideration does such proposed training take into account for special needs students (physically challenged, emotionally disturbed, autistic students, medically fragile students, students with learning disabilities, pre-school and daycare center children housed in schools, etc.) and how would this factor into the proposed theory behind teaching children to throw books and attack armed gunmen?
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