I attended the 2014 NYC Veterans Day parade yesterday and was one of the few who was at the VIP opening ceremony. Before the celebrations kicked off the traditional prayers were given.

They started with Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf who began speaking in Arabic, after I noticed how long he was allegedly ‘praying’ in Arabic I decided it was time to film. He ended up switching back to English just as I began filming. I could see the shocked looks on people’s faces as we were witnessing a major disgrace to our veterans.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is the Imam who is part of the controversial Mosque that is being constructed at ground zero, so I wasn’t surprised that he disrespected us in such a way. But who would invite this radical to speak to our veterans and why?  We saw no Jewish rabbis giving prayers, just a Muslim and Christian. Political correctness our clear shot at our military?

Was it Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer who invited him? We need to get to the bottom of this one


I have no problem with a short prayer, however, this guy was preaching to us about Islam. He spoke over 4 minutes long, to a large group of wounded warriors, gold star families who lost a son or daughter in war and other vets. No one around me was happy about this, and people were quietly chatting about how ridiculous that display of disrespect was.

Following the Imams proselytizing of our veterans, a Christian chaplain gave a prayer that last 10 seconds long, and was a blessing to us vets, not an Islamic indoctrination at the hands of the politically correct NYC politicians


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