EXPLODING IMMIGRATION: White babies Now A ‘Minority’, America Past Historic Tipping Point


As immigration continues to grow profusely the Hispanic population steps closer and closer towards becoming the majority in the United States. The Caucasian demographic is gradually becoming a minority.

New figures from the Census Department report that racial and ethnic minorities account for approximately 50.2 percent of newborns under 1-year old in 2015. These numbers along with others were released this past Thursday.

Minority births were greater than Caucasian births in 2013 by about 1,000 and in 2014, just one year later, by 16,000!

Projections indicate that non-Hispanic white people will stop being the majority in the entire United States population by the year 2044.

These staggering numbers are partially effected by the large number of child bearing women in the minority population. More so than white people. Many children are born to inter racial marriages and parents where one parent is white and the other non-white according to Pew Research.

The increasing level of immigration also clearly plays a large role in these numbers.

Democrat’s always play this coy game where they are befuddled as to the rise in popularity of Donald Trump. These statistics explain that phenomenon very easily. White people feel they are being ignored in favor of minorities. Donald Trump appeals to that anger with his nationalistic and patriotic policy. No wonder he’s so popular.

Whats the point of working hard, doing what you’re supposed to and paying taxes when illegal immigrants benefit off your hard work?! That’s an understandable fear. These statistics prove those fears are valid and true.