EXPLOSIVE: Angry Lady Gets Called Out for Parking in Handicap Spot (VIDEO)


This stuff happens all too often. And its something that is abused by people everyday. I use a wheelchair myself and nothing pisses me off more than when someone parks in the crossed out loading area.

Handicap parking abuse is a completely different subject, but this is a clear violation and disrespect for people who need to use this additional access space. I would love to rant on the abuse of handicap parking, like overweight people who need the extra exercise taking up handicap spots for wheelchair parking, but I’ll keep it simple

The U.S. needs a two tier handicap system, wheelchair/disabled and then an unhealthy spot for those who are not physically or mentally disabled.

Handicap parking is not there for your private VIP parking spot, its to load and unload a wheelchair and even for a ramp to slide out.

I wish karma will strike these abusers down one day and force them to rely on these spaces everyday, then they will understand how rude it really is.

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