From Mad World News: As Great Britain drowns in a flood of Islamists demanding Her Majesty’s Government cave to every halal whim, Prime Minister David Cameron continues to apologize to and for abusive Islam.

While Cameron sympathizes with the hordes of Muslims sucking his country dry of welfare and oppressing its Western culture, British politician Paul Weston is speaking for the outraged people he represents.

Weston is no stranger to radical Islam and the choke-hold it’s putting on the UK. Admitting he was a racist and Islamophobe to silence his critics, he gained undying support as leader of the Liberty GB Party.

Earlier this year, Weston was arrested and charged while quoting Sir Winston Churchill, Britain’s most revered PM and activist against Islam. Weston was arrested in the public square because he allegedly failed to obey a dispersal order and was causing distress. Those charges were dropped, but he was later charged with a racial aggravated crime.

Now, a fearless Weston has taken to the streets again to rally supporters together against extremism, a notion that is quickly taking over Great Britain.

Weston called Cameron a “coward” and “traitor,” and he also bashed him for siding with radical Muslims instead of his country.

Weston was particularly angered by Cameron’s accusation that there are too many Christian faces in British Parliament, and that the government and police force should include more Muslims.

As the Muslim population grows, Weston surely faces threats and accusations of racism and fear-mongering, but he continues to trek on. Perhaps Weston is the sort of 21st century Churchill Great Britain desperately needs.

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