EXPLOSIVE: Democrats ROCKED After ‘Racist’ Email Exposes What They REALLY Think of Latino Voters


Democrats are hailed as open minded, tolerant and accepting people by the mainstream media while Republican’s are depicted as xenophobic bigots who want to eat their children. The recent DNC Wikileaks controversy exposes high ranking Democrstic officials being the very thing they call Republican.

One Wikileaks email is angering Hispanics greatly. One high ranking Democrat referred to Latino voters as “taco bowls.” This is what the DNC thinks about one of their largest voting demographics.



The Clinton campaign attempted to blame the hack on Russian cyber hackers. In some ploy to get Donald Trump elected. The emails were released mere hours before the convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Social media went abuzz over it as well,

None of this should be at all surprising. Other emails showed democratic officials mocking e names of African American women, mocking Senator Sanders Jewish faith and questioning whether he was actually an athiest. As well, they were caught red handed colluding with the media to create their own narrative by having Politico writers send them stories before they were sent to editors and handing questions to MSNBC anchors to feed them.

All of the suspicion over rigged system has finally come full frontal. It wouldn’t be shocking in the least if a hack on the Republican National Convention proved their was collusion and back room dealing to try and keep Dobald Trump from getting the Republican presidential nomination. Both Sanders and Trump are famous for being political outsiders.

Much like the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio the Democratic National Convention has turned into a raucous circus. Senator Bernie Sanders and Democratic National Convention chair Debbie Wasserman were booed from the stage. Sanders supporters have revolted against the party after the DNC leaks proved the Democratic Party rigged the election so that Hillary Clinton would win.