EXPLOSIVE: German Politician Pissed at Muslim Migrant Crime Says ‘Shoot Them All’

via DailyStar: Frauke Petry, leader of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) group, made the explosive comments to a German newspaper.

Ms Petry said “border protection installations” should be created with guards – who should if necessary shoot at migrants breaking into the country.

The controversial solution comes as David Cameron battles with EU bosses to curb immigration to the UK – while extreme-right wing factions riot in Dover about the ongoing illegal immigration crisis in Calais.

No police officer wanted to shoot at a migrant, Ms Petry said, adding: “I don’t want that either but, ultimately, deterrence includes the use of armed force”.

Support for the AfD has grown in the wake of the Cologne sex attacks.

More than 130 women sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve by suspected migrants.

Ms Petry’s comments were quickly condemed.

Thomas Oppermann, the parliamentary leader of the Social Democrats, said: “The last German politician under whom refugees were shot at was Erich Honecker” – the leader of Communist East Germany.

Huge numbers have been pouring in after Germany announced all refugees were welcome

Germany’s police union, the Gewerkschaft der Polizei, said Ms Petry’s comments revealed a radical and inhumane mentality and police officers would never shoot at migrants.

In a bid to calm critics over her open-door refugee policy, German Chancellor Mrs Merkel said most refugees had only been allowed to stay for a limited period.

She said to a regional Christian Democratic Union (CDU) meeting: ”We need to say to people that this is a temporary residential status.

“We expect that, once there is peace in Syria again, once ISIS has been defeated in Iraq, that you go back to your home country with the knowledge that you have gained.”

Yesterday anti-migrant demonstrators clashed with pro-immigration protesters in Dover in some of the most heated scenes surround the issue seen this year.

Many of the migrants are not from Syria and are young men

The AfD's popularity has soared in the wake of the Cologne sex attacks


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