EXPLOSIVE: Lazy Scumbag Bashes Amputee Girl “I’m walking away with both of mine! B*tch” (PICTURE)


A girl named Ashley recently lost her leg and patiently waited over one year to get her designated handicap parking spot at her apartment. After she finally got it, a lazy scumbag with no handicap parking placard nor physical disability came along and parked in her spot.

Ashley explains what happened next:

“I lost my leg over the summer and am just trying to adjust to my new life. I requested to have a handicap parking spot to my apartment but with the ground being frozen I had to wait almost all winter. I FINALLY get my parking spot and this small victory meant so much to me. Then after having my parking spot only 2 days a lady who was not handicap and does not have plates parked in my spot. I left her a note saying why I needed that spot, that I found it disrespectful, and if she did it again she would be towed. This was the note I found on my car in return.”

Here’s the letter that Ashley found on her vehicle:

10599367_813893981980520_7071315623010521130_nThere’s a nice place in hell for people like this and I know karma will come around and bite this grade ‘A’ scum right where it counts.  Someday soon it may be her who will rely on handicap parking, and she’ll remember this letter that she wrote.

This is no isolated incident. Being a triple amputee veteran myself I have faced the exact same verbal abuse from liberals. Liberals who were failing at life, and obviously upset that an amputee was doing more than their lazy ass.

Haters are everywhere, you have to put them in check and move on. That lazy lardo is probably sucking us dry on welfare with her entitlement.


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