EXPLOSIVE REVELATION: Manhunt For Thug Leader of Flag Protest After Finding Gun in Backpack


update-1From Fox News: There’s a dramatic new development in the case of a U.S. veteran who was detained but not charged Friday after she intervened in a university protest where demonstrators were walking on the American flag.

Eric Sheppard

Cell phone video taken at Valdosta State University shows Air Force vet Michelle Manhart take the flag from protesters and refuse to return it before she is tackled and handcuffed by university police.

WAGA’s Chris Shaw reported tonight on “The Kelly File” that a massive manhunt is underway in Valdosta, Georgia for protestor Eric Sheppard, after he reportedly threatened to shoot students at the school.

In what appears to be cell phone video, Sheppard stated that he felt the American flag represented “white supremacy and racism.”

“I’m a terrorist towards lies,” Sheppard said in one video, according to WAGA. “I’m a terrorist toward liars and those who are weak. So yes I am a terrorist toward white people.”

Police confronted Sheppard on campus grounds when they said that he dropped a backpack on Tuesday.


Shaw reported that police had already let him go when they realized there was a gun and two clips inside the backpack.

Dozens of officers searched throughout the community today looking for Sheppard, who is considered by police to be armed and dangerous, Shaw stated.

The man’s father, Eric Sheppard Sr., made an on camera plea for his son to make the right decision.

“Son, you know we love you and have always taught you to do the right thing,” Eric Sheppard Sr. said. “Please make the right decision and turn yourself in to either the authorities or to me.”

From Conservative Tree house: ….these are the same people behind the “F**k The Police” movement, and the “Black Lives Matter” movement.  They are also aligned with the “Black Brunch” groups who you might have seen disrupting lunches to advance their race-driven causes.

Whenever an opportunity presents itself they immediately respond to advocate for their overall grievances.  Ferguson to New York, to Madison, to Charlottesville, to North Charleston, to Baltimore and to Valdosta State University… the construct of their social justice cause continually looking for an opportunity for an audience; and a complicit media more than willing to sell their narrative.

Perhaps now, with a larger context, the recent sunlight in Memphis Tennessee makes a little more sense:

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