EXPLOSIVE: See What Happens When Christians Pray In ‘MUSLIM ONLY’ Prayer Room… MULTICULTURALISM! (VIDEO)

From Mad World: Accommodating Muslims in ways that other groups aren’t affording is on the rise. Public prayer rooms are just one example. Recently, one man decide to take a camera into one such “Muslim only” prayer room to see what happens when Christians try to use it – and the result wasn’t exactly pretty.

The incident took place at a “public state university” somewhere in Australia, as a man wanted to expose so-called “multiculturalism” for what it is. In order to do that, he decided to take a woman into a “Muslim only” prayer room on campus and pray as Christians.

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Posted by The Thinking Patriot 2 on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

 As can clearly be seen in the video, a Muslim who is in there praying is immediately offended. Oddly enough, it seems there’s actually two reasons that he’s upset. The first is made clear when he tried to stop the duo from entering the room because they’re wearing shoes.

Unfortunately, the second reason isn’t quite as minuscule, as he throws a temper tantrum because a woman entered the room. Before long, the Muslim man is demanding the two exit the room and find a multi-faith prayer room down the hall – a request which the Christian man isn’t exactly keen on following.

The man with the camera continues praying, openly thanking the Lord for sending his son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for our sins – a notion Muslims denounce as blasphemy. In order to twist the knife regarding his presence and his faith, he then states that “any prophet after Jesus is a liar and a fraud.”

Muslim Disrepects Christian Trying To Use His Prayer Room

Of course, the Muslim man isn’t too happy with what is going on, and he disrespectfully talks over the man as he’s praying the entire time. As time goes on, the Islamist only gets louder, showing exactly what Muslims think of the whole “multiculturalism” idea.

You see, this is exactly what we talk about when we say Muslims don’t assimilate – they just don’t. In fact, they can’t. In their minds, they’re better than the infidels of this world. and we should bow to their way of life because that’s just the way it works in their head.

Multiculturalism with Muslims only works if they’re the ones being accommodated. I wonder how this video would have played out if there were a few more Muslims in this room to embolden one another. My guess is things would have gotten physical.

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