EXPLOSIVE VIDEO: anti-amnesty protesters drive off Rep. Luis Gutierrez with ‘USA!’ chants


From The Right Scoop: Representative Luis Gutierrez thinks he needs to look after the interests of illegal aliens more than his constituents, but anti-amnesty advocates finally got their say when he went to speak at USC in California. Like a crucifix to a vampire, the chants of “USA” made Luis scowl and hiss, and eventually drove him away from the all-Spanish forum.

Watch below:

The videographer cut out a lot of what Luis said in Spanish, but part of the video has him making accusations that the anti-amnesty debate is driven by racism. He says people come from England and other places, but the discussion is driven by people angry at those who speak Spanish.

Personally, I think we should focus on the legal and practical issues of the amnesty debate, not so much Spanish versus English which does leave us open to charges of racism.

But no matter what, it’s nice to see a rat like Gutierrez be run off by protesters.

Ironically, just a few months ago Gutierrez predicted that PRO-Amnesty protesters would become more radicalized.

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