EXPLOSIVE VIDEO: Customer Asks Burger King Employee for a Refund… Immediately Regrets It


This is why these employees will be replaced by good little computers that don’t mess up and don’t talk back!  Click here too see who gets the last laugh

From Conservative Tribune:  The fine art of customer service seems to be in major decline these days. It used to be that most fast-food employees would go out of their way to ensure that their customers were pleased, but not anymore.

Take for instance the case of Sarah Self, a Louisiana Burger King customer who, after getting handed a poorly made vanilla shake, politely asked the employee upfront to provide her with a refund.

Rather than address Miss Self’s concern, the employee chose to completely ignore her. And then when Miss Self asked to speak with a manager, the rude employee suddenly started cursing at her.

“Are you serious?” Miss Self asked in shock. “You cannot treat people like this. This is your job.”

She added, “You handed me soft serve ice cream and then gave me some garbage, and I’m not going to eat it.”

It’s at this point that the employee, who apparently had just noticed that Miss Self was recording her, stormed out to the front of the store and started daring Self to take her picture.

The employee also encouraged Miss Self to leave, as you can hear for yourself in the video clip below, courtesy Mad World News:

And then after Miss Self responded by asserting that “this place is about to get shut down,” the incensed employee asked, “Do you want to get slapped?”

That’s where the video ended.

Miss Self has since posted the video to Facebook, where it in turn has been shared over 7000 times by outraged men and women.

It’s obvious from the video that the employee in question has no idea of what constitutes quality customer service. I myself worked at Burger King for over two years during my teenage years, and never once did I act so rudely or ignorantly with a customer — no matter how badly my day may have been going. I would have been fired.

If anything, this video makes it abundantly clear what happens to people when they become ensnared in a political culture of entitlement.

Regardless, here’s a hint: It’s perfectly okay for a customer to ask either for a refund or to speak with a manager, but it is NEVER okay for an employee to harass a customer!

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