EXPOSE THIS! Trump Voter Was FIRED After Telling Her Boss She Voted For Donald J Trump! (VIDEO)

Rachael Jarret claimed she was fired from Bradley Brick because she voted for Donald Trump.

Watch her video and then we’ll discuss this matter.

And the next video is Rachael and her husband talking to the Rock Station 99x.

Rock Station 99x – Rachael Jarrett says she lost her job at Bradley Brick this week because of her support of President-Elect Donald Trump.

When asked to recall the situation, Jarrett said “I was told to shut…shut up…shut the F up…and I asked why, and he was just like ‘you can’t talk about that in here, you can’t talk about Trump in here.”

Her husband Chris Jarrett joined her in the 99X studios to discuss her side of the story. Which not only includes their feelings on the matter as it unfolded, but their current feelings about those involved. When asked for her ‘best case scenario’, Jarrett said.

And here is Joey Gilchrist, then supervisor or manager of Bradley Brick, when Rachael was fired. He claims that he is a Trump supporter and that her story is false.

Joey claims that Rachael made racially charged comments, but there is no recorded audio of this.

If she did make racially charged comments, then I can totally understand why she was fired. That’s not the kind of thing you do at work and think it’s OK in today’s oversensitive environment.

If she did not make racial comments, and DID get fired for voting for Trump, then her company lacks a spine.

There’s a lot to speculate here because we need to find out the truth. So far it seems like she was fired for voting for Donald Trump, but then after hearing the other guy’s rebuttal, it seems like she was fired for something else.

So what is it folks!

Do we listen to the woman with the wacky eyebrows or the supervisor on duty when she was sent home?

Where’s the evidence of the racial comments?

Why would a Trump supporter fire another Trump supporter?

I think there’s a hidden secret that we don’t know about this story.

We want the truth about this.

No job should fire someone for whom they voted for.

No woman should get fired and make up a story about why they were fired because that’s called being an annoying attention wh*re.

Let’s all investigate!

If anyone figures out more information, then please inform us in the comments so that we can edit the title as needed.

If no one finds anything, then this is another case of he said/she said and we need to call Judge Judy.

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