EXPOSED: The 911 Call Before Alton Sterling’s Death That BLM Doesn’t Want Heard

Alton Sterling is being praised as a hero and an innocent victim by the Black Lives Matter movement. However, what they fail to talk about is his extensive criminal record and the fact he was a convicted sex offender. Now, the 911 call before his death has been released and it fails to paint an innocent picture of him.

A homeless man called 911 to say Sterling had held a gun on him and threatened him after demanding money from him. The video footage in front of the store also shows police officers removing a gun from his pocket.

Sterling was 310 pounds and he was convicted of having sexual relations with a 14 year old girl when he was 20. He was arrested in 2009 when he wrestled with a police officer and a gun fell from his pocket. He had assault and battery as well as domestic abuse charges on his record. Clearly showing he had little respect for the law.


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800 people gathered on Tuesday to protest his death. 500 more people arrived at the convenience store he was killed at. The Department of Justice continues to investigate everyone who was involved in the tragic incident.

The left isn’t making this information known or reporting on it because it doesn’t fit their agenda. If they are honest about the 911 call and Sterling’s criminal record, it would put a kink in the chain of their dogmatic progressive ideologies. So they continue to lie by omission.

Unfortunately, several police officers have been murdered as a result of this man. Rioting and protesting continues, and it doesn’t appear it will cease anytime soon. As Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said, it has been a very sad, very adversity filled month for the United States of America.

Let’s hope the future holds something brighter.

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