The violent protests in Ferguson angered Americans all around the nation.

Now it turns out that those same angry Americans may have helped pay for them.

Department of Justice records obtained late last month by Judicial Watch in response to an Aug. 14 Freedom of Information Act request indicate that the department spent at least $15,000 sending eight Community Relations Service agents to the troubled Missouri town.

More troubling is the fact that the agents were dispatched upon the request of “the far-left NAACP,” according to Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton.

The NAACP complained about police violence in Ferguson, describing officers as “an invading army” on a website related to the Aug. 9 shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson, who has since resigned from the force.

The site also demanded that “justice for Michael is served,” according to Judicial Watch.

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles reportedly said that CRS agents were training demonstrators.

And their own records indicate that the government agents took part in at least one demonstration.

“An August 16 expense claim is for ‘rain ponchos for demonstration site,’” Judicial Watch reported. “August 16, 2014, was a day of terrible rioting in Ferguson.”

Fitton said that this evidence demonstrates that administration claims to be objective with regard to the race riots are not credible.

“The CRS and the Justice Department under Eric Holder have shown little inclination to enforce the law in a race-neutral manner,” he said. “Justice Department employees dropping everything to rush to the side of the far-left NAACP speaks volumes as to what CRS is up to.

“Given Obama’s and Holder’s incendiary racial remarks on Ferguson and criticism of the police, no one is fooled by Justice Department protestations that its taxpayer-funded community organizers in Ferguson are neutral,” Fitton continued. “It is no surprise that rioting worsened with increased involvement of the racially-biased Justice Department.”

Moreover, Fitton said, Holder’s Department of Justice has violated the FOIA law with regard to disclosing its full involvement in the Ferguson protests.

“The Justice Department has yet to comply with Freedom of Information Act law and provide all of the responsive documents about what it is up to in Ferguson. Disclosure is urgent and this new Holder cover-up must end,” Fitton concluded.

None of this should come as any surprise to conservatives who have been paying attention to the lawless actions of this administration.

CRS is the same organization that sent agitators to Sanford, Fla., to protest against the innocent George Zimmerman after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

And it has been the DOJ that has kept the possibility of civil rights prosecution against Zimmerman alive since his acquittal, despite overwhelming evidence that race played no role in that shooting.

Why should we expect anything different in Ferguson?

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