EXPOSED: Here’s How Obama Is PURGING the US Military


From The Conservative Tribune: As if it weren’t enough for soldiers to have to worry about foreign militants, Christians in the military are now having to look over their shoulders for a new enemy or else suffer friendly fire in the form of religious discrimination.

When President Barack Obama claimed in 2006 that America was no longer a Christian nation, he could have been making an observation on current times or detailing his future plans for the country. Either way, with the mounting hostility toward Christians in this country, he seems to be right.

In what could be seen as an effort to reduce the ranks of the U.S. military, as Obama said he’d do in 2014, Christians are being forced out of or not welcomed into the military in the first place due to a “hostile work environment” that not only prohibits them from openly expressing their beliefs but even punishes them when they do, in some cases.

For example, a chaplain for a Ranger training battalion received an administrative notice in December expressing concern due to the complaints of a soldier who said that the chaplain advocated Christianity and used the Bible during a mandatory unit suicide-prevention training session.

Commenting on this in an article on their website, the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers said that the chaplain “used his official position to force his personal religious beliefs on a captive military audience.”

In another instance, Navy chaplain Lt. Cmdr. Wes Modder had his career ruined last month after a few sailors complained of his support of traditional marriage and sexual practices that he divulged in a private counseling session.

Are atheists really that surprised that chaplains have religious beliefs? And is it not in their job description to share their beliefs in giving guidance to others?

The only explanation for the apparent obtuseness of these self-proclaimed “free thinkers” is that they are trying to force out undesirables from the military. The sad part is that it may just be working.

In an interview with The Washington Times, Liberty Institute senior counsel Michael Berry said, “People of faith are going to stay away from the military.”

“I can’t tell you how many moms and dads I’ve spoken to who say, ‘My son or daughter wants to join the military, (but) in light of what you’ve described, I’m not sure I want to let them join the military anymore,’ and I don’t blame them,” he explained. “I would have serious reservations about my own kids joining.”

The Liberty Institute is devoted to upholding and defending religious freedoms in America. He currently represents both chaplains previously mentioned.

While problems of this nature started in the Air Force, Berry says that they are spreading to all branches of the military and are creating a hostile work environment that is only getting worse.

As evidenced by this, military chaplain recruiter and president of the Chaplain alliance for Religious Liberty, Douglas Lee, says that is has never been as hard to find new recruits for chaplains or to retain the ones he already has.

“The problem is getting worse, not better, despite our efforts,” Berry said. “There is a culture (of) hostility (toward) religion in the military right now.”

Berry went on to state the obvious, saying that the absence of new recruits and the loss of current ones deprives the military of future leaders and opens us all up to potential dangers.

This whole issue exemplifies the absurdity of liberal logic. The progressive agenda promotes freedom of choice and expression at the same time adamantly denying it to those holding what they consider to be dissenting beliefs.

In the realm of competing ideas and values, liberals refuse to debate. Instead they ostracise, vilify and silence those whose ideas dare challenge them.

According to Berry, cases like Modder’s could set a dangerous precedent even outside the military if allowed to continue, affecting pastors and preachers everywhere.

“If what happened to Chaplain Modder is allowed to stand, it could foretell more instances in which the government tells priests, ministers, chaplains, etc. that their views are unacceptable,” Berry said.

The sacred principles upon which America was founded are being sacrificed on the alter of political correctness. Whether you are a Christian or not, the freedom to believe what you want and to express that belief is central to all other freedoms.

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