EXPOSED: Look At What The Hijab-Wearing U.S. Olympian Has In Her Social Media Past… It’s SICK

Representing the United States in Olympic fencing, Ibtihaj Muhammad said this week that she wanted, “not just to challenge misconceptions outside the Muslim community but within the Muslim community. I want to break cultural norms.” Well if that’s her goal to break cultural norm’s then she’s definitely broken some Olympic cultural norms where it use to be ALL about the sport. Not so with Muhammad based on her huge flash on the media screen recently. USA TODAY interviewed the Olympian saying that ‘Muhammad will leave Rio without a medal in the individual competition. But it would be absolutely inaccurate to say she did not make an impact at these Games.’ Their headline even reads:

Ibtihaj Muhammad makes U.S. history, wears hijab in Olympics

Yep folks, Olympian Muhammad has transported to the 1950’s where ‘What She Wore’ was way more important than what she accomplished, what she did, or what she said. She has definitely broken the cultural norm of focus on the athlete and taken us to a time where we should focus on her fashion. And the media is going right along with it.

Another ‘cultural norm’ that is ‘within the Muslim community’ that Muhammad is fighting is the stereotypical hatred against Israel. Everyone knows that Muslims hate, hate, hate Israel and love to celebrate failures or travesties of the Israeli people. Not so with Ibtihaj Muhammad, she’s changing minds within her culture showing that… wait… what did you say? She has a blind hatred for Israel too? NO WAY! She wanted to break cultural norms! Looks like she not as successful as she wanted to be at being different. Check out her hate mongering tweets about Israel:

muhammad oppressed

muhammad on AIPAC

muhammad on Israel

I’m not sure if she’s the right spokesman for cultural change. She’s more of an old traditions kind of gal representing the United States.

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