EXPOSED! McD’s Attack On Trump Just Got A LOT Worse — Look Who Sent The SICK Message

EXPOSED! McD's Attack On Trump Just Got A LOT Worse — Look Who Sent The SICK Message

This morning, America’s largest fast food chain dished out a disgusting dose of disgrace with a Tweet that was saltier than their french fries in slandering our President. It only took minutes for the backlash to set it, which led to the corporation claiming they were the victims of a malicious hack job. However, that’s now been found to be a possible lie after what was just discovered and you won’t believe who stooped so low.

It’s no wonder that McDonald’s mascot is a clown since the company seems to be run by some. They seemingly thought it was funny to call our Commander-in-Chief a “disgusting excuse of a President” who has “tiny hands,” until they realized many Americans didn’t appreciate the sentiment. Trump-loving patriots have proven time after time that companies who disrespect our leader get boycotted for real and pay a big price in lost profit. Regretfully realizing this, the company tried to save face by blaming a basement-dwelling hacker of sort for setting them up, when that keyboard warrior actually could have been at the top of their corporate food chain who also happened to have a surprising connection.

According to InfoWars, the global chief communications officer at McDonald’s, used to have a notable position in politics under Barack Obama. Robert Gibbs was the former press secretary for the Obama administration and has since moved on to the fast food industry, but seemingly took his politics with him, which has led to speculation that he was behind the adolescent attack on our current president — especially given his specific job duties in communications for McDonald’s.

EXPOSED! McD's Attack On Trump Just Got A LOT Worse — Look Who Sent The SICK Message
Robert Gibbs as Press Sec. under Obama

“[Gibbs] held several senior advisory roles in the White House, serving as President Barack Obama’s press secretary during his first term, then as senior campaign advisor during his re-election campaign,” McDonald’s announced in 2015. “…In his new role, Gibbs will lead McDonald’s corporate relations group, which manages internal and external communications and government and public affairs.”

Looks like he hasn’t learned to separate his former work from his current, which could soon cost the company a lot of customers who have far better fast food options than McDonald’s. It’s also important to note that as the former press secretary, it was probably part of Gibb’s job to lie under orders from his boss, Obama, which apparently, is an old habit he can’t quit when under pressure.

in in fact Gibbs was who tweeted out the message, perhaps he was projecting self-hate for his own seemingly smallish hands in placing this criticism on Trump. If you’re going to ridicule someone for anything, it’s best to be sure you’re perfect, which Gibbs is far from.


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