EXPOSED: Obama Closes Deal For Millions Of Deported Illegal Aliens To Return For Jobs In U.S.


Excerpted from The Daily Caller: President Barack Obama’s government is inviting many repatriated illegal immigrants back to work in the United States under a deal approved this week by a federal judge.

The deal was finalized by Obama’s deputies and their ideological allies in the American Civil Liberties Union, via a courtroom negotiation under the supervision of an Obama-appointed judge.

The deal also provided $700,000 to the ACLU for the lawyers’ fees.

The lawyers had claimed that illegals were unfairly and unlawfully pressured to sign so-called “voluntary return” documents as they were being deported. The illegals should have been invited to fight repatriation via the courts, said the lawyers’ group.

The returned illegals will likely seek jobs sought by Americans and will increase the labor supply, driving down incomes for Americans.

The inflow will increase competition for jobs, and likely increase public dependence on government, aiding Democratic candidates who offer more government support to low-income Americans.

Since 2009, Obama has offered work permits to at least 7.4 million people, above the normal inflow of 1 million legal immigrants per year. In November, he announced plans to provide work permits to an additional 4 million illegals living in the United States.

Roughly 4 million young Americans enter the labor force each year.

The new deal creates a legal precedent that can be used to argue for the return of millions more illegal immigrants. Keep reading


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